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Is the Summer a Good Time to Learn to Trade?



Is the Summer a Good Time to Learn to Trade?

Not all summer trading is miserable, but this summer has been similar to many others in that volume has slowed in lockstep with price action. And yes, trading has been sad thus far. Trading e-minis during these periods can be downright brutal, with hours and days passing with no discernible up or down movement. Today was one of those days, and I was on the verge of setting my hair on fire and sprinting down the boulevard screaming, “I’m never trading again!”

Summer is an excellent time to begin learning to trade.

Some excellent lessons in self-control and fundamental trading techniques can be learned during this period of low risk of price taking off unexpectedly. I am a proponent of learning to trade e-minis before the market becoming hot and heavy, not after average trading has resumed. In July and August, price pressure is generally low, and traders have the opportunity to practise trading techniques without feeling pressed to execute profitable trades. There is time to immerse yourself in some high-quality textbooks and educate yourself rather than glueing yourself to a trading screen and watching price action move at the speed of a slug.

Too frequently, traders observe the market careening and decide they should get in on the action.

There is a problem with this way of thinking; to obtain “a piece of the action,” one must understand how to trade. I have yet to meet a novice trader who can enter an active market and profit. While winning a trade or two is possible, stringing together good trading days is nearly impossible. I have yet to witness it performed and do not expect to.


Given that trading is a binary outcome system, I’ve seen many novice traders approach trading as if it were a Las Vegas-style proposition. They trade excessively, sell an excessive number of contracts, and trade without proper trading techniques. The outcome is always the same: a busted futures trading account and a deeply disappointed novice trader who has squandered an opportunity to develop into a profitable trader.

So, when is summer trading appropriate?

It’s an excellent time to slow down and hone their trading technique in preparation for when the market begins to pick up. It’s a perfect opportunity to become acquainted with the ins and outs of their trading platform. It’s an ideal opportunity to trade in simulator mode and get used to monitoring price movement on their DOM. It’s a perfect opportunity to inquire about market theory, trade theory, or any other topic on their mind.

On the other hand, asking all of these questions during a period of intense trading will result in incomplete responses because the moderator will not have time to engage during profitable trading periods. Nonetheless, I am aware that the rush on new traders will occur in September when the action ramps up, and I am busiest. Each year, it appears as if by magic. As always, best of luck with your trading, and consider learning to trade when you have the opportunity.

Would you like to begin earning a weekly profit of 300 per cent? Likewise, I would, and yet you see this type of hype on many websites these days. I cannot guarantee astronomical returns, but over the last five years, my 25 years of Wall Street trading experience has aided in producing solid e-mini traders. Observe how I trade. Actual trading is not deceptive.

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Is the Summer a Good Time to Learn to Trade? Is the Summer a Good Time to Learn to Trade?
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Is the Summer a Good Time to Learn to Trade?

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